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Web and iOS developer, practicing martial arts, blogging at


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Just another Clojure hacker.


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while42: HNWatcher:


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Ping me if/when you're visiting Beijing, and I'll probably buy you a beer. British-born Indian, living in Beijing. Product Manager. Python fan. I speak English, Mandarin Chinese, and Gujarati. I can somewhat follow a conversation in French or Spanish, but will struggle to respond. Blog (infrequent): Email: rahim AT encona DOT com LinkedIn:


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I'm doing Interaction Design and PM at Intuit. I graduated from Claremont McKenna, a tiny econ-and-government focused school in Los Angeles, about a year ago. I publish thoughts on various topics at


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Co-founder Zumbox and Academy123. Founder and CEO of Iteration Group, a "boutique" product design and product development firm. Mentor at, hands-on startup accelerator in Los Angeles. E-mail is my username @ Twitter: @yarone


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co-founder at

an experiment by matt