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Relentlessly resourceful digital native. Currently Airbnb.


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Contact me at I don't bite, usually. -- In 2007 I started boot-strapping a consulting business with the eventual goal of building a major technology company and someday joining the space race. I started with no savings, a full-time job, and one occasional client. We currently serve several hundred clients in three counties in California, with thousands of systems and electronic devices. I work every day with people from all kinds of backgrounds, facing all manner of technical challenges. I'm a huge advocate for continuing to improve UI and reliability in technology.... etc etc


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Co-Founder, CEO @ RF Venue -


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I build things. Current interests: backend and frontend dev. Twitter: @poxrud Blog:


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karma: 692  ·  comments  ·  submissions disclaimer: my opinions are my own, not that any other employee of (or the company itself) Mercury Intelligence Systems. [ my public key:; my proof: ]

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