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I'm an undergraduate sophomore at the University of Washington in the Computer Science program. I will intern at Google in Summer 2014. - - @KaranGoel -


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Founder Started with some friends - over 2,000,000 users and a decent bit of revenue. Internet! Built High Five to help me (and now other people) remember names. iOS only for now. Twitter: @tommyrva Musician, founder, writer, usually a writer of complete sentences but not this time apparently.


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Eric Matthes I teach high school math and science in southeast Alaska, and I teach an intro to programming class whenever I can. I've been a hobbyist programmer all my life, and I am just starting to build more meaningful products. Feel free to get in touch. @ehmatthes Educator News, an HN clone for the education community: Intro to Python: Open Competencies - open education standards: etc etc


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Grad Student grinding away to become a data scientist. blogs :


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cloudkick dude, now rackspace racker. (yc w09, acquired dec 2010 by rackspace) apache httpd hacker. blog thing:


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coffee snob. beer snob. food snob. javascript snob. rails fanboy. API mashup champion. double rainbow computer guy. skype: orenmazor

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